St. Elizabeth's / Stage Play

Literary Associate, Liz Frankel of The Public Theater said of St. Elizabeth's: 'a poignant meditation on love, loss and memory.'

Soho Theatre of London called the play, 'intelligent and thought-provoking with dialogue which is bold and lively throughout.'

The setting takes place at St. Elizabeth's Psychiatric Hospital and in a Georgian-style home in McLean, Virginia in the years 1963, 1972 and 1982.

The daughter of a CIA operative returns home to unravel the heartbreaking and mysterious circumstance of her father's death. Thrust into high-risk in an attempt to prove political assassination, Eileen Bennett is forced to navigate questions of sanity put forth by family and Washington insiders.

Confronted by her past and a fast-approaching deadline, she is visited by her alcoholic Aunt Beatrice and her first love (a junior Senator) Ian Fitzpatrick who seeks to win her back. Both possess a truth further explosive than the one she believes to be fact.

Throughout unfold details regarding the birth of covert foreign policy strategies in the Middle East.

Multi-media: Super 8mm home movies belonging to the playwright's father (CIA under Kennedy) embedded with espionage footage (dramatized)


Eileen Bennett
Dr John Finnerty, a psychiatrist
Ian Fitzpatrick
Beatrice Bennett, Eileen's aunt
George Bennett, Eileen's father
Annette Bennett, Eileen's mother
Ethel Kennedy
Young Eileen
Teenage Eileen